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“you will see guys that are pretty fast when they come in,
and if they are not properly trained and they're not eating well, they'll lose their speed very quickly and will be out of the NFL...”

David Lawrence, The Strongest Gym in Michigan Listen Now

Sylvie Tetrault

Sylvie Tetrault is an industry-leading Functional Sports Nutritionist and recovery expert, and Designs for Sport Sports Advisory Board member. Her fitness journey started in the corporate gym world before transitioning into sports and performance. She has worked with professional athletes across nearly all major sports and high-performers in everyday life. Sylvie has been working alongside Gary Roberts since 2011, working with professional athletes (NHL, UFC, Olympians, Ironman, etc.) and high performers with a mission to help all her clients find their Inner Athlete through hands-on nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

Adrian Vilaca

Adrian is the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at Gary Roberts High Performance Training Center, and Designs for Sport board member extraordinaire. A graduate of Lake Superior State University, Adrian holds a degree in exercise science. He is constantly inventing new and creative
training methods to ensure his athletes gain top performance outcome and enjoyment. In addition to being a leading strength coach, Adrian is himself an athlete, competing as a professional mixed martial artist at an elite level. Adrian attributes his successes to committing completely to the Championship Lifestyle and wants to share the lessons he continues to learn along with his journey with you.

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Sylvie Tetrault

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